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Young and charming skin is the best jewelery of ‘delicate skin’ and can not be spacious like heart and heart, but young ‘healthy’ soft and soft and beautiful skin is the capital of every woman. Husband is the dream of every woman ‘ Women have their skin safety trend specially. Almost three thousand instant diseases occur in the world.

Those who treat specialist diseases, discuss the safety of cold weather and early acute diseases related to this season, Dr. Shahbaz Aman, a specialist, specialist for the early diseases.

Dr. Shahbaz Aman, the renowned psychiatrist, is the General Secretary of the Pakistan Association of Dermatology, who is performing his duties as Prof. of Sikh in the Services Institute of Medical Sciences (SIMS).

He has also written 51 Research Papers, 3 books published and 10 international research papers on diseases. Professor Dr. Shahbaz Aman made MBBS from King Edward Medical College in 1989 and started as a House Officer work at the Mio Hospital. First of all Madison and then worked in the skin sector. Specializing in early diseases in 1999 and continued to serve Miu Hospital in 2014.
Professor Dr. Shahbaz Aman said, ‘The heart of the heart’ is the skin of the brain, the liver and the kidneys, the skin is a very large body of skin. Every head from the head to the feet is wrapped in a hurry. Risk diseases affect human quality of life. Therefore, there is a demand of quality and cosmetic lime in this sector. Forty-five percent of patients in general medicine practice come to the earliest.
Her predecessors threw dermatology and did MCPS in 93 from the College of Fiction and Surgeon Pakistan and in 99, FCPS in Drumotology was “. “Skin is directly affected by seasonal effects,” said Dr. Shahbaz Aman, head of the Head of Department, Professor of Drumotology, SIMS Services Hospital. In the winter, where there is nausea, cold, cough, fever infection etc. and other diseases, there is also significant significance of fast diseases.
A lot of diseases get intensely intense in the cold weather, which can be carefully monitored and timely treatment. Winter problems increase in winter compared to summer. Due to the sweat and its greasy in summer, the skin does not dry dry while moisture deficiency in the air reduces in the air. Hypnosis takes the moisture of the body and complaints of dry skin, rough, deterioration and pestilence increase in people.
Cold Hairstyles Our hairy hair is tremendous. Especially dry skin leaves surfaces their negative effects. 90 percent of men are normal in skin but ‘normal skin’ is also necessary to avoid seasonal effects. In the winter season, window windows and doors are usually closed, due to which the outer hazards stop all the internal roads, resulting in the hollow moisture in the room, and the moisture becomes moisturized.
Soon the skin increases. Like other parts of the body, the head of the head also gets dry in winter, and the complaints of the doctor are common in the head. The hair causes hair to be affected due to the hair and the hair starts decreasing. It also happens that the headache reaches our eyes and ears, and it produces anxiety and irritability. ”
He said, “Due to fungus, there is a screw in the head from where the hair flies. The fungus head looks on the face, body, and the nose. Often working in women’s water, namely, vessels of the fingers are damaged, different nails of nails are green and green and nails are also done in the nails. Fungus increases due to water and injury.
People who are sensitive are seen in any part of their body as a colorful form of skin color, which commonly called Dharma, it is also fungus. Chubal (Eczema) is also called fungus. In the winter, drying of our hands and feet especially in the winter feels like it is dried. It can be a type of eczema, which is necessary to treat.
In the industrialized countries of the world, early illness epidemiologists have increased by 3 percent. In this hurry disease, onion skin, inflammation and red blood appear on the skin. A few important symptoms of this disease include irritation, swollen inflammation, dysfunctional, bleeding, skin fatigue. In this way eating food like allergic, egg alcoholic, pet, dust in the houses, dust, polish etc. are possible.
15% to 20% of the children and nearly 3% adults worldwide are affected by this disease. In order to reduce eczema, avoid the soap or shampoo drainage that is quickly affected. Professor Dr. Shahbaz Aman said, “If the skin which is caused by the skin’s skin is not treated then it can affect the whole body. Many patients consider it minor and seasonal discomfort and use general lotion and sensor for salvation, but they do not get spoiled, but in some cases the complaint increases.
They should refer to the specialist epidemic, as this complaint can be detected from one person to another. Separate the patient’s stomach, stem, sheet, comb, soap, and so on. All other Use it In this way, other homeowners will be safe from this disease. Pancreatic exposure spreads rapidly. Children, especially the nutritious skin, are very sensitive, they may be affected by pepper skin. ”

Prof. Dr. Shahbaz Aman said in a reply, ‘Everyone in the cold weather has to face problems as soon as possible.’ Drying of lips and herds ” Fall of hands ” fingers Swelling etc. Due to lack of moisture on the skin in the episodes, the face and the hand foot and the lips begin to explode.
So all the lips of the people are dry in the cold, but their lips are affected by the skin which is sensitive. To solve this problem, they should use lip palm. Do not wander lips on the lips’ Massage lips before bedtime and massage with olive oil in the day, besides adding coconut and almond oil in equal quantity is also beneficial to lip.
Women with dried skin should choose a sensor that provides moisture in the desired amount of skin. The sensitive skin requires special attention in the winter. Women with chic skin usually feel as if their skin is tasted, so it will not dry or it needs more care, even though the skin-sensitive women also have regular ingredients and natural ingredients on the skin. Should be used
The color of some women also cites black, so if the cold stays begin, then the use of soap on the face should be reduced as it is drying quickly. To keep the skin fast, drink at least eight glasses of water .Use cold cream or lotion whenever you smoke and face your feet. Keep the amount of moisturizer on the face very little.
Clean spoiled fat with the help of rope or tissue roll because excessive fat is worried on the face. Put the wet towel on the face, press the light or hit the face on the face, then tap the face with the towels to spread the surface. The dry skin consists of a very good ointment. In the teenia Nawajani, dry skin looks good. ‘But if you do not take care of it properly, deeply lined up before it grows up, and it starts spreading too quickly.
A little concentrated dry skin may be like normal skin. It is possible to save time but dry skin. The most worried thing for people with skin acne is that when they reach 20 or 25 years of age, their face starts appearing on the face, especially with women. This problem has come to normal. Drinking hot water for a long time also makes it quicker, so while bathing in the cold weather, keep in mind that the water is semi-hot and the bath duration does not exceed ten minutes.
In addition to skin protection, take a drop of water in the water before taking a bath or some oil and drop some of its water in the water. Massage on body with mustard or dough oil. This method is very helpful in keeping the skin fast. Also after drying the body properly dry and massage with a good body lotion. It is also beneficial to wash a good cold cream before washing it daily before sleeping.
To save skin from the skin in the winter, wash the skin with light soap and water before sleeping, cleaning the skin with ‘Deep Purple Cleaner’. Put petroleum jelly on the hands and feet while sleeping in the night. Take special care while doing make-up in cold weather. Use a standard composer before making up so that the skin becomes soft and the skin does not feel dried and dry.
Winter water usage should be increased. Tea and Coffee Use should be reduced because the use of these materials increases body emissions. Along with that balanced diet is also necessary. Mosquitoes available in the form of ointment for dry skin protection provide better results. Women can keep their dry skin healthy and refreshed by drinking too much water daily.
Nutrients that contain more quantities of minerals and vitamins. During the morning, more oxygen absorb inside. Malaria, thick, carrots, moisture and other seasoned fruits in the body can also be reduced to the body. The cold cream on the skin should not be used on the skin. Such people can add coconut oil to their skin. Using cold cold cream and moisturizer during the night to keep the skin fresh and cold in the winter, the use of standard moisture cream and moisturizer keeps the skin moisturized and it also protects skin from the effects of cold weather.
A big problem in the winter is to spread sticks, which cause unhealthy pain, but also the senses. Mix a lemon juice in four spoon glycerin, mix two rock grounded sticks, and spread twice a dozen sticks in the day. In the hot water, salt salt and a spoonful of mustard oil, and keep two feet in it for ten minutes, then clean it with a swing or soft brush. Wear the socks.