Euro T20 Slam Teams 2019 – European Cricket League 1st Audition


Euro T20 Slam Teams 2019: One of the main reasons to satisfy the gaming buds of cricket lovers is to give them more than extra. There are many cricket clubs which is the main recipe to streamline the summer sports in Europe.

The reason to start Euro T20 Slam was to make cricket the topmost among the summer sports in Europe. It was primarily started to break through the summer fest by providing a thrilling sport. European Cricket League was created to entertain Europeans and celebrate European cricket.

Euro T20 Slam Teams

Euro T20 Slam Teams 2019

Cricket is now become accessible to the grassroots of Europeans and players from all over the Europe. People with deep interest and capabilities can give trials to join the various clubs which is the hub of cricket. Players and teams get maturity by playing in the matches at domestic and international levels.

There is outlined a road map to increase the number of more qualified teams in the years to come. But, the first league is kept limited to 8 champion clubs from the official ICC member federations.

In Euro T20 Slam 2019, there are 3 big teams.

  1. Ireland
  2. Scotland
  3. Netherlands

All teams will be categorized into 2 groups comprising of 4 teams. Matches will be played on a round-robin basis leading to the contests of semi-finals and final. Top 2 winning teams will go further in each round.

There is another European federation pipeline for addition with these 6 federations in the coming years. The above-mentioned countries will nominate a Champion Umpire from the last season who will be considered as the best umpire in the domestic league crickets.

There will be 2 umpire present on field, a third umpire, a match referee, and an overall European Cricket League tournament referee. The match referee will not be from the team’s respective federation in each particular match.

Official wear of each club team is designed by the topmost designers with the finest and highest quality to reflex the sportsmanship in a comfy posture.

All players and clubs from any European Cricket League member federation country is eligible to play and can qualify for Champions League of Cricket in Europe.

Euro T20 Slam Teams Match Details 

The matches of European Cricket League will be played in T20 format and teams will go till last breath to avail the title of Kings of Europe. All the matches will be live broadcasted on European Cricket Network which is a digital arena to watch live streams of scores of all Euro T20 Slam Teams matches.

If you are a European and want to in Euro T20 Slam Teams then it is quite easy to make an entry. You need to find your team from the 6 countries already mentioned above. You need to be compassionate to win and become the domestic league champion.

Now, rush to find your best team and start support it throughout the tournament.