Euro T20 Slam Schedule 2019 – Fixtures Match Details and Timing


Euro T20 Slam Schedule 2019: For all fans starving to get the latest news of European cricket league schedule, we have got a piece of enthralling news. You can now get the complete schedule of all matches comprising of total teams.

Euro T20 Slam Schedule 2019

Euro T20 Slam Schedule 2019

There have been long gossips sessions around the world for the captivating matches and we want to break the silence to let you people know about it. Euro T20 Slam 2019 is all set to start from the date of month till date of month.

Officially 8 international cricket federations are taking part in European Cricket League 2019 which are Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Romania, Russia, and Spain. We are currently organizing to add European federations in the coming years.

All the matches are scheduled to be played on the carpeted grassy field on southern Europe. They have the best greensward wickets, quite tranquil cricket facilities, and a hotel resort; La Manga Club in Spain.

There is an extra topping to add on your craving. There is also announced European T20 competition recently which will be played across Ireland, Scotland, and the Netherlands. The matches will be started in August 2019 till September 2019 and is known as Euro T20 Slam.

In the T20 tournament, there will be six teams from each country and will play 33 matches. A Group Stage leading to semi-finals and a final features the overall tournament.

Now, there is a back-breaking trial to select the keenest players. All the players need to pass the fitness tests to make their names entered in the white list. They have outlined a set of rules to be followed by each team, which states:

  • There should be minimum of 9 domestic players in each franchise.
  • There can be maximum of7 overseas players in each squad.
  • There should be 11 players in each match.
  • There should be 6 players who are domestic.
Prognostics of the grand finale is full of conspiracies yet it is also saying that a very uncertain team will hit it. Hence, the players of each team will not only convey about their future but the future of their teams as well.

There are more than 20 million fans in continental Europe striking their best to get tickets as soon as possible. There is an infinite number of people striking to get it at first place as the chances will be going lower by minutes.

For all the fans living abroad, they can also watch live streaming online and on various stations. Schedule for all matches will be uploaded soon on each respective channel to entertain their cricket fans.

One thing we need to state for sure is that people with intense cricket love can also install an app showing live European Cricket League matches. So, you need to fill your plate to satisfy your hunger of cricket.

Following is the schedule set for all European Cricket League matches.

Euro T20 Slam Schedule 2019

We will update the schedule when it’s officially announce.